embeet-environment-for-model-based-embedded-systems-engineering-and-testing-innovationEMBEET includes already a couple of innovative components, but what makes the result stand out even more from the currently available solutions is its holistic approach to model based development. While available solutions like Rational Rhapsody, PTC Integrity modeler, SCADE or combinations of tools in the Simulink tool ecosphere cover parts of the process, we address model based development from initial design to on target debugging, fully integrating it into existing application lifecycle management infrastructure. Barriers to smooth development are addressed at all phases, easing the migration of embedded systems developers from classic coding to model based development.

This allows developers to harvest the benefits of higher abstraction, automated generation and easier maintenance offered by a model based approach, without sacrificing time and efforts again because of missing productivity and convenience features and lack of integration between development steps.

By tight integration of analysis and test features, design and implementation faults will be detected significantly earlier, which will reduce the overall development costs and time.

To features known from other tools like advanced modelling assistants, real-time model sanity checks, traceability and test coverage analysis, EMBEET adds live update and visualisation, and shortens the feedback loop to the modeller.

AIT’s test case generator is unique in using artificial faults (mutations) in models to drive the test case generation, instead of the debatable use of structural coverage metrics. It is innovatively used also for test driven modelling and for reviewing models via the tests generated for them.


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